So NY has bucket loads of cool sights to sink your grotty little teeth into. It feels like your walking around a television set, every stereotype in the book. Each morning X marked the spot on the map; a new adventure. Somehow engraving a sight you’ve seen 10,000,000 times on TV, in person, onto your […]


The famous last words of myself in November 2013. My destiny was backpacking, with beer in hand and good friend as inspiration the seed was laid… “You should write a blog.” Said the friend. “Not only will I write a blog. It’ll revolutionise the internet, Ipswich and inspire generations to come! ” Said Jaif. The […]


Apart from the premium attached to it, advertising space in times square must be a dream come true for any corporation. Not only does it get some serious foot flow but people take loads of pictures and slam them on social media sights such as this. The audience¬† reached must be mahoosive! That being said […]


We all know what happend on September the 11th 2001. Ground Zero is the memorial on the actual site were the twin towers once stood. Everybody that died in the attack, is represented around the edge of the memorials. This is far from a nice place to visit. Seeing people joyfully taking pictures of themselves […]

Toronto - New York!

My time in Canada had finally drawn to a close. I felt sad to leave Toronto I had thoroughly enjoyed having a base there in Cobe’s flat and felt quite at ease in the city. However in the next leg there was plenty to look forward to. Next stop, New York! The Greyhound operates a […]


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